Here are 8 of 15 of Renee’s hit songs. She also has a second album coming out this fall.

Friends for Life – The melody written by Jeff Batson and lyrics by Renee Leavitt, this song is the theme song to Renee’s dad, Gary’s new children’s book, “Charlie Horse.”
The Boy Next Door – Written at the age of 15, Renee describes her ideal man. Upon completing the song, Renee realized the perfect guy for her was Ed Sheeran.
Meet Me on the Moon – This is Renee’s favorite song. It is full of vibrance and emotion, and tells the tale of long distance lovers.
Hometown Heroes – Written by Jeff Batson, this song is sung by Renee in dedication of all police, firefighters, EMTs, and military men and women.
Everybody Wants to Be Loved – Written by Jeff Batson, this song tells you that no matter who you are or where you are, you always want to be loved.
Boy Oh Boy – Renee’s first song, written when she was 13 years old, has the likeness of Toby Keith’s How Do You Like Me Now.
Daughter and Her Dad – Written by Scott Neubert, this heartfelt ballad is a tribute to Renee’s dad, Gary.
Where Were You? – This adaptation to Jim Trick’s song produces a bluegrass vibe, spewing with emotion in the story of a homeless mother and son.